WHERE: 655 Monroe Road - Hattiesburg MS 39401


WHAT TO BRING: Pillow/Bedding/Toiletries/Towel/Bible/Notebook/Mask/Personal Snacks or Games




Friday, January 15:

  3-3:30pm  Arrive / Settle In

  3:50pm   Introduce the Weekend - Format, Schedule, Worldview Map

  4:00pm   Session 1 - Fruitful Faith Conversations - Tactics to Keep Them Talking

  4:40pm  Hangout

  5:30pm  Session 2 - Truth & Probability - How Can We Know When We Know?

  6:15pm  Dinner

  7:00pm  Session 3 - Exploring Worldviews & Religions

  7:45pm  Break

  8:00pm   Topic Talk


Saturday, January 16:

  9:00am Breakfast

  9:30am Wake & Worship

  9:45am Session 4 - THEISM - Reasons and Responses

10:30am  Break

11:00am  Session 5 - THE BIBLE - How it came to be? Can we trust it?

12:00pm  Lunch

12:45pm  Session 6 - The Gospels & the Resurrection

  1:30pm Break

  5:30pm Session 7 - Ethics I - How People Determine What’s Right and Wrong

  6:15pm  Dinner

  7:00pm Session 8 - Ethics II - Issues: Tech, Sexuality, Human Life, Environment, Laws, 

Drug Use, Gender & Racial Equality, Economy

  7:45pm Break

  8:00pm  Topic Talk


Sunday, January 17:

  9:00am Breakfast

  9:20am Wake & Worship

  9:30am Session 9 - Faith & Science - Companions or Competitors?

10:15am  Break

10:30am  Worship Service

11:45pm  Lunch

12:30pm  Hangout

  2:00pm Head Out



- We will limit our group to 40. 

- We will ask everyone to confirm they are healthy, have no fever, and no Covid close-contact within 48 hrs. - We will house 10 to a bunkhouse, each person will have their own bed spaced 6 ft. We will not insist on masks at all times, but we will encourage them indoors when social distancing is not possible.


We cannot remove all risks at this time, but we are doing the above to mitigate the risks we can. We look forward to the growth and discipleship from this event, and so we believe it’s best to allow you to weigh the risks and keep this decision available to you. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.